Please read the following FAQs before sending any query.

Q: How many interns are accepted ?
A: Depends on the number of project and also on mentor.

Q: What are the deadlines for applying ?
A: Deadlines are flexible and variable, depending on the needs of the project and mentors flexilibity.

Q: Can I still send my application when the deadline is over?
A: Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

Q: Will I be informed of the receipt of my application?
A: Yes, you will recieve a reciept within 72 hours.

Q: Is a CV enough for an application ? What do I need for the application ?
A: All applicants are required to fill out the internship application form and should also upload their CV

Q: How soon may I be informed about the outcome of my application ?
A: It varies from case to case. In the majority of cases, selected applicants are notified about 10 days prior to the commencement of the internship.

Q: When is the starting date of my internship ?
A: The dates will be coordinated between interns and metors.

Q: What will I gain after the completion of my internship work ?
A: You will get a certificate from ResearchIntern after completion of your internship and a LOR from your mentor. You can get an     International Publication with a high impact factor depending upon the area you work and the quality of work you produce with your     mentor during your internship. All the achievables depends on the quality of work you produce, ratings you earn from your mentor and      decission made by your mentor.


Q: I am enrolled in an undergraduate programme. Am I eligible to apply for the internship programme ?
A: Yes, you will be eligible. Applicants must be enrolled in university degree programme undergraduate or higher at the time of application and during the internship.

Q: I just finished my Master's. Can I apply ?
A: Yes you can apply, no such restrictions on masters students.

Q: Does an internship give credit for my studies ?
A: No, you won't get credits for studeis, you will get a certificate from ResearchIntern after successfull completion of the internship .

Q: What kind of skills are you looking for ?
A: Generally, good academic, mathematical skill, analytical skills and good programming skills.

Q: Do I get a certificate ?
A: Yes, all selected candidates who have completed an internship receive a certificate stating the period of the internship.


Q: I am a citizen of a India. Can I apply for an internship ?
A: Yes, you may apply. Students of any country are eligible to apply for the internship.

Q: Is there any nationality quota on how many candidates may be selected from each country ?
A: There is no such quota system. Candidates will be selected purely on the basis of their skills