Soumya Sunder Dash

Founder & CEO

"ResearchIntern aims to bring research out of the lab by using state of the art research collaboration suite and intern matching algorithm."
PhD Researcher at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich (Switzerland).

Peter Wittek


"Research is getting very competitive and everyone is running to achieve quick results, but present day researcher faces a challenge of funding and time."
Currently working in ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences. Research Associate Professor at University of Boras (Sweden)

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Young Minds of Students + Experience of Researchers = INNOVATION

Best of the world's innovation was made
when they were least expected.
Bring a new set of eyes and fearless
thinking to your team. Our platform
aims at opening new dimension in research.

You have to Work Inside the box to be able to Think Outside of it.


We are a young start up with group of people
who are living the lives of young students and
budding researchers. So we know exactly how to
make the collaboration better between researchers
and students. We optimize our services to fit the
best experience possible. With constant feedback
from both researchers and students we constantly
update our methods and offer the sustainable

We are connecting the two world which is so close yet too far


Research is an integral part of education, yet there has
been a huge disconnect between textbook and current
state of the art. We envisage revolutionizing the way
students learn by enabling Research based learning.

We use the best algorithm to prepare research based internship project.


We use the in-house developed algorithm to help
researchers sub-divide the research proposal to suit
the frame work of internships and get the maximum
throughput with the minimum input. We constantly
update our algorithm based on the feedback to
deliver the best in class service.

We are more than an internship matching portal...!