Working from different locations is now simple and easy

Enabling Collaborations

We are enabling future research with the help of powerful online collaboration tools, so that we can feel and live each working aspect.

Enthusiastic Atmosphere

We love giving people the freedom to be themselves and express their ideas openly amongst their peers. We get more fun and innovative results that way.

What Makes us different..!

We are global

We are an enthusiastic team of researchers and students across the globe, in India, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Singapore

Here you are known

Your individual goals are fundamental to the services we offer you. We provide continual advice and guidance tailored to each user.

In the Cloud

We provide scalable storage space to users. All data is stored in Cloud, can be accessed anywhere with any device. Contineous back up is taken to secure your profile data.


Trust our security mechanism and feel free to share . All files are encrypted and are stored redundantly. No one can see your data, not even ResearchIntern admins or associates.

We have users from